Dr John Andrews


The AFM Wolverhampton Youth group managed to attend the AFMIM youth conference in 2016. We were blessed by one of the speakers (Dr John Andrews). His message was urging us to truly discover who we are.

Greatness Started In Conception

The Message

Discovering who we are


We have to discover who we are “Who what and why ”

Jesus says we are his masterpiece

When I discover who you are you can find out what you are meant to do and why

We are God’s masterpiece
God hates copies , he is into original
There is no one like me and there will never be

The copy is cheap, the original is priceless
He encouraged us to realise that a price was paid for us
We are Fearfully and wonderfully made
Psalms 139:13

Greatness started in conception
God is specific and intentional therefore everything I need to serve God is already put inside of me.

Part of theology is to reedem what has been destroyed

When you begin to look at your life through scripture everything begins to change.

We are all the same but different

Celebrate originality – stop saying I wish like I was him or her
Be original
Uniformity is not for anyone
Don’t give away yout originality

Champion opportunity
God has a purpose for me
Psalm 139 14 -16
We have freedom to chose and discover so that we can do the things he planned for us

What I believe remains

Second Session

1.) What have I got ? , what’s inside you
I’m rubbish at football which means don’t pursue what you haven’t got

Don’t pray gifts you don’t have
Pray for God to show me what I have ALREADY got
Don’t look at what other people have or what you don’t have , concentrate on me
If God has a plan for me he has given me a gift for the mission
2.) What fills your tank ?
When I use my gift for the right reason it will make me feel better , I wasn’t made to work I was made to fulfill purpose
Put the purpose first not the badge
3) What do significant spiritual others say
What you do naturally is what you are
4.) What does God say
Some of us wait for God to speak and do nothing
If God speaks to you it should confirm not surprise
If God speaks it should connect to the gifts that are within me

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